Our goal was to embody Nike’s sustainability vision through the story of the Vapormax 2020. Our purpose was to shift the perception from sustainability is one of many initiatives to the idea that sustainabilty is inseparable from the brand. The vision is to portray that the Vapormax 2020 is what happens when you see sustainability as a catalyst (design, innovation, progress), not a compromise.     
Vapormax 2020 project at space150

Responsibilities: Designing assets for Vapormaz AR shoe, creating all the fun 2D and 3D animation elements within the edit and thumbnail design.

Creative Team:
Ned Lampert, Micah Kulish, Emily Taylor, Allie Arends, Anna Evenson, Thomas Francisco, Bianca Prossi, Tony Truong, Brock Batten, Chase Uttley, Josh Lundquist, Shawn Roske.

Designing For Instagram 

Content fatigue in the age of COVID is real especially on instagram. We strategically used mixed media and image/video effects to disrupt passive scrolling. Instagram is predominantly used to curate an outward identity - interests, style, values - by sharing other people’s content. The creative team created visuals that reflects the culture-of-the-moment content, designed for the share button. Above all else, the audience has a craving for substance. Through instagram, we created a brand message that doesn’t offer true values to followers looks, feels and smells like an AD.  


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