Suvani is a designer, storyteller, and coffee enthusiast  from the United Kingdom, specifically South London, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently a senior at SCAD Atlanta and plans to graduate Spring 2020! Her brother, who was also a SCAD alum, has been a major influencer in her life within and outside of school; their sibling relationship is unbreakable!

As a young designer, Suvani has a deep passion to challenge and conceptualize designs that problem solve and enhance user abilities across all platforms. Her passion now lays in Digital interactive/interface design and uses her design solutions by communicating a story to enhance one’s experience.

Suvani is also President of AIGA SCAD Atlanta and holds a position under the mentorship program within the AIGA Atlanta student board. She uses her involvement within the design community to craft events and workshops within SCAD to help inspire prospective and current designers. Suvani has a big heart, when it comes to helping others, and will continue to do so during her time at SCAD and beyond!


Reach out to me at isuvani@me.com

London —Atlanta —San Fransisco —anywhere really...