Our goal was to introduce the latest sustainable innovation applied to the most coveted classic, the AF-1 with emphasis on innovative materials such as the crater foam and recycled upper. The vision was to give consumers the opportunity to become part of a new experience, pushing the edges of style and boundaries of innovation. The creative direction pulls from foundational elements in the HO20 campaign creative. Integrating grids, colors, shapes from the look book assets. We wanted to retain the spirit of DIY digital collage approach. Inspired from the BBC and David Attenborough, we used a mixed media approach that uses video and imagery to amplify the textures of crater foam and the innovations that go into each silhouette.

Nike BTD Crater Design project at space150

Responsibilities: Concepting and creating all the fun animation elements within the edit.

Creative Team:
Ned Lampert, Brock Batten, Chase Uttley, Emily Taylor, Thomas Francisco and Josh Lundquist.  

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