The holiday season is always a little trying, and we want to provide our customers with a bit of comfort, respite, and even togetherness. So we’ll create an innovative holiday experience our customers can enjoy and share virtually. Everyone loves sharing festive pics of their Christmas tree. This year, we decided to let users show how they’re really celebrating. We created a nug-shaped pseudo-tree AR object, complete with joint-shaped lights, weed-themed ornaments, and "Happier Holidays" themed gift wrap. Finally, recipients will be able to scale and move the object in their camera app, take a photo or video, and share to celebrate the holidays with truly elevated spirits.  
Harvest Holiday E-Cards project at space150

Responsibilities: Concepting ideas, and design for the AR nug.

Creative Team:
Ned Lampert, Josh Lundquist, Stan Fiorito, Micah Kulish, Anna Evenson and Justin Whitesel.

AR Nug

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