We wanted to take our knowledge of digital, tech and culture into the realm of voting, and create something that’s highly memorable and shareable. Our young voters hold nothing back. they present their beliefs with intention and fire. These are the people who can and must use their voice. They speak out on social media every day and  they take their frustrations to the streets when posts aren't enough.

We wanted to harness the vocal energy of our audience to get out the vote in the 2020 elections. The “I VOTED” sticker and AR privacy voting booth, aimed to represent your personal investment in the electoral process, and can persuade others to participate. We collaborated with Pablo Rochat to take that iconic sticker and make it digital, so voters can share it on social and encourage their followers to participate in the election.

Get Out The Vote project at space150

Responsibilities: Concepting ideas, design, prototyping, animating, modeling and texturing the 3D voting booth.

Creative Team:
Ned Lampert, Emily Taylor, Allie Arends, Priyam Shah, Thomas Francisco, Tavia Levy, Tia Hanke-Hills and Vincent DeZutti. 

Collaboration With Unnecessary Inventions

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