Coca-Cola High Cone Alternative:
This challenge was to Create Hi-Cone alternatives that are environmentally friendly, maintain structural integrity, are easy to collapse and recycle, and use as little packaging as possible.

Minute Maid Straw-less Juice Box:
Redesign the current juice single serve tetra brick or pouch so consumers could open and drink from it without having to use a straw.
Project for Savannah College of Art and Design         
Package Design
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Final Cut Pro
Designers: Suvani Dave, Daniela Connor, Chloe Seong, Giuli Hull Cantillo, Hazel Hwang, Michael Macwilliams, Stephen Wiedl, Jun Ye, Levina Zhang, Jiatong Li 

London – Atlanta – San Fransisco – Portland – Los Angeles – anywhere really...