In March of 2021 we partnered with the DNA (Department of Nike Archives) team within Nike to help bring the Air Jordan Collection page onto We took internal DNA content and curated it for the consumer based on seasonal brand and business needs. Content is inspiring and commerce-informed. We needed to create a new visual language for the collection page that was a nod to the archival content for Air Jordan, but also making sure that the direction was flexible enough to provide a tool to continue DNA storytelling through a seasonal lens on all of Nike’s platforms, such as the Nike App.

Experience the live page here

Nike DNA project at Instrument

Responsibilities: Design, Art Direction and Motion Storyboarding.

Creative Team:
Nick Livingston, Brandon Schoessler, Derek Gauvain, Tom Huteson, Livvy Pierce, Gina Moreno-Valle

The Problem suffers from suboptimal organic search visibility for sneaker and heritage content. There is no centralized hub to educate and engage consumers on upcoming Nike sneaker releases and heritage stories. The outdated Air Jordan collection page on a separate site had excessive scroll rates and lacked immersive storytelling elements. This presents an opportunity to create an owned media channel on dedicated to sneaker culture that drives organic acquisition and brand engagement.

Design Exploration

Motion Approach

Motion Design is a primary method of communication throughout the DNA project touchpoints, and is fundamental to both the content and history of Nike that is being presented.

How we communicate through motion is as important as what we communicate. Every element in motion is an extension of the DNA voice.
It must serve a purpose, provide an engaging experience, and facilitate an understanding of the depth of the history and singularly unique stories that Nike has been a part of throughout sport and fashion from day one. This is established through three key concepts.

Final Air Jordan Collection Page

50th x DNA

Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation and Inspiration: Nike App Threads Spotlight Brand Heritage. In honor of Nike's 50th anniversary, we developed engaging narrative threads on the Nike App that spotlight key moments in the company's rich history and the iconic products that fueled its growth.

By curating multimedia content that captures the brand's heritage and showcasing milestones that intersect sport, culture and design, these threads immerse users in the Nike story. From the Cortez to Air Force 1 to Air Max, the sequences highlight the brand's continual evolution while remaining true to its founding vision. As Nike passes its half-century milestone, these threads pay tribute to the passion, perseverance and creative spirit that built one of the world's most beloved and inspirational brands.This launch was a moment where members would be introduced to DNA’s look and feel for the first time.

DNA Playbook

London – Atlanta – San Fransisco – Portland – Los Angeles – anywhere really...